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[World Wide Web reports news reporter Wang Xinyi – US pandemic accelerated proliferation, verified the raising number of US expresses We are urging people to stay at home, interpersonal distancing and others, decreasing the spread of the epidemic rate. Regional time on Mar 26, to take the big white American UFC (Best Fighting Championship) leader offers told Askjeeve Sports interview, stated he has implemented the Authorities’s pitch for self-isolation at house, but he believed it as well much, and inhibited this circumstance also for how lengthy. White colored Montana stated, for some reason people will perish of heart disease, car accidents, malignancy and therefore on, but you can not really make a man stay at home, and then he asked Us citizens from when to start concealing in the space, rather than face the problem of acquiring a option, and stated, “isolation at home, as if to avoid cancer, but you can not really conceal.” Adopted by an interview with Google Sports activities columnist Yiao Er, hate back again said, “but I will not really get rid of hands and you have got malignancy.” Light Montana also lying to said, “I do not feel that they are at high risk, and if the new overhead viral disease I need to, after that come about!”

Coronavirus n95 face mask,real-time figures according to Johns Hopkins University, USA data, as of Mar 27 early morning Beijing time 6:45, the fresh US crown pneumonia confirmed instances totaled 83,507 instances, has become the largest quantity of confirmed countries. The death toll has reached 1201 cases. Many US health treatment employees and their family members possess a cultural charm to everyone to stay at home during the crisis on the press.

Click to enter subject: the global multi-country outbreak of a brand-new crown pneumonia epidemic concentrate of brand-new pandemic coronavirus pneumonia

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